Künstler- und Stipendiatenhaus des Altmarkkreises Salzwedel

Our centre

Unser Haus

Our centre

The Künstler- und Stipendiatenhaus Salzwedel is located next to the Marienkirche, the Johann-Friedrich-Danneil Museum and the Kreismusikschule (District School of Music) in the Jenny-Marx-Haus.

In this unique and idyllic ambience, at the heart of the historic town centre, artists can work undisturbed and be inspired. The building has two apartments on the upper floor, and on the ground floor there is a meeting and exhibition room.

The outbuildings, which are located next to the historical city wall, have been converted into studios and workshops. A small courtyard is available for residents to relax in during the spring and summer. The district of Altmarkkreis Salzwedel offers the apartments free of charge to scholarship holders, with only telephone and Internet charges to be paid by the latter.

Once every three months, the association that promotes the Künstler- und Stipendiatenhaus Salzwedel organizes an artists’ café (Künstlercafè) in the exhibition space, thereby providing artists with the opportunity to present their work and enter into a dialogue with interested guests.


Altmarkkreis Salzwedel
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