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Phone: +49 3901 840 4202

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The association founded in 1998 to promote the scholarship-holders’ residence contributes significantly to the establishment of contacts with artists at home and abroad for the purpose of enriching the Altmark region’s artistic life, and endeavours to offer its own work-residencies and scholarships. By November 2017, a total of 41 artists had enjoyed residencies organized by the association.

The residencies of the artists are connected with high-profile activities such as exhibitions and readings, which are made accessible to an interested public. The Künstlercafé is a platform for artists to present their work to the public at the end of their stay. It has been initiated by the association as a networking initiative, and implemented in cooperation with the Adult Education Centre of Altmarkkreis Salzwedel. The artists also have the opportunity to exhibit in the gallery-areas of the museums in Altmarkkreis Salzwedel. Many of the exhibitions by the scholarship holders have contributed to attracting art lovers from all over Germany to the Altmark region, which demonstrates the growing acceptance and popularity of the artists’ and scholarship-holders’ residence in Salzwedel.

The association was founded by Christa-Maria Meyer-Püggen, who died in 2007. Born in Püggen, of “Püggensche Spinnstuw” fame, she worked hard throughout her life to promote art and culture in the Altmark region.

The new executive committee was elected at the general meeting on 09 September 2021:

Chairwoman: Vera Wibbeke
Deputy: Ines Kahrens
Treasurer: Heidrun Kalmbach
Secretary: Inka Ludwig
Assessor: Cornelia Blödow
Assessor: Birgit Eurich
Assessor: Katrin Stade
Representative of the town of Salzwedel: Gabriele Gruner
Representative of the district of Altmarkkreis Salzwedel: Simone Franz

former and new chairwoman 2021

former and new chairwoman 2021
f.l.t.r. – Charlotte Knappstein, Vera Wibbeke

©Th. Gericke

executive committee since september 2021

executive committee since september 2021
f.l.t.r. –  Inka Ludwig , Simone Franz, Cornelia Blödow, Birgit Eurich, Vera Wibbeke, Ines Kahrens, Heidrun Kalmbach (
missing in the picture: Gabriele Gruner and Katrin Stade)

©Th. Gericke


Altmarkkreis Salzwedel
– Kulturamt –
Simone Franz

+49 3901 840 4202

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